Overview of Classes

JAF WING CHUN  offers  classes  Tueday's,  Wednesday's and  Thursday's,   from   beginners to advanced, also private classes available M,Thur, & Sat. You're sure to find a fun and challenging workout that's appropriate for your level of abilities. 

  ** we keep small group classes.

Sifu Javier is a Wing Chun Senior Instructor under Master Chan.


Would you like to become an Instructor ?


    Florida instructor program available here, call Sifu Jaf for more information, or look under Instructor Program.



                           School Hours

                                 Mon  & Wed

                      Open @ 6:45pm to 8:30pm

                             Class start at 7pm



 We currently offer the following classes:

                                  Mon  & Wed

                      Open @ 6:45pm to 8:30pm

                             Class start at 7pm

         @  6.45PM     
                                        Wing Chun 
                                      Mon  & Wed

                      Open @ 6:45pm to 8:30pm

                             Class start at 7pm


     *Advances studends must attend 7pm, beginner's Classe.

 Saturday's: By Appointment  (Private Lessons Only)
 Closed on Sundays and Holidays
SEE ALSO     www.practicalwingchunmiami.com

Plan Details  

Plan - Pay-per Month

(no contract)















You can take 12 classes a month 

( If you skip a month, without coming to class, not need to pay Tuition for that month, no contract)





3/month plan...............................


         Intro session for $25


by appointment only, call


(make sure you dial the right number and make an appointment before showing up at school.)   thanks

 ** School Hours

       Mon & Wed

    6:45pm to 8:30m      




$/by mo.






















Annual Membership Fee 

(Include, HK PWC Shirt/Wing Chun Passport)                






Private Lessons




Hourly Lessons: by appointment

 Lesson Package Available :

  *Private students are allow to attend all group classes, no extra charge.




Annual Membership Fee: 

   Accounts are subject to a one-time yearly fee $ (includes, one HKQ t-shirt, pant, Wing Chun Passport )


*Required apparel or equipment not included in registration or membership fees.


  T-shirts  $45.00  HK shirt   /   Jaf  t-shirt  $20.00

  Pants      $25.00

*All membership account are to be paid in advance within the first 7 days of the month, or in advance of initial class session.

Jaf Wing Chun Kung Fu accepts students from ages 15 and above (we even have students in their youthful 70s).

    Jaf Wing Chun Kung Fu accepts any student who demonstrates a willingness to learn and who is on a path in life that has heart. Each individual will be interviewed to qualify his/her acceptance in  Jaf Wing Chun Kung Fu school. The accepted student will receive quality training through personal instruction in traditional methods.



Jaf Wing Chun kung Fu Martial Art Academy

6804 nw 84 ave.  Miami, FL . 33166

Look also under  www.practicalwingchunmiami.com

Contact Us


Doral Area 

6804 nw 84 ave.

Miami, FL . 33166

or Miami Lakes

by appointment only, call


(make sure you dial the right number and make an appointment before showing up at school.)   thanks

     School Hours

  Mon  &  Wed  

  6:45pm to 8:30pm

  (Class start at 7pm)


Any Questions?

Contact us directly:

Miami Florida, Doral Area


PH: 786-326-0350


Or use our contact form.

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Master Sam Hing Fai Chan Master Sam Hing Fai Chan

Sifu Javier is a Wing Chun   Senior  Level 3 Instructor under Master Sam Hing Fai Chan.






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