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Javier Fernandez is a native of Miami and has over 40 years of  training experience in martial arts. 


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We assist you in all aspects of your training. Regardless of whether you've ever set foot in any martial arts style before, At JAF WING CHUN, we equip students with Kung Fu styles as handed down by the original Masters. Besides promoting physical and mental well-being for youths and adults, our programs allow people to build confidence while providing them with the discipline that will carry them throughout their lives. Our one-on-one training empowers students to advance and progress through different levels of martial arts and self-defense training.

Javier Fernandez,

      when very young child his family moved to Puerto Rico, and when he was 9 years old he started his first martial arts training under Sensei Carlos Lopez, his first  Master  in  the  art  of  Shotokan  and  kyokushinkai,   where  he   received his black belt   in   the   original   style  of  his   teacher     Gran Master Carlos Lopez "Semai-do Karate".,

     Moving forward in their training and knowledge of martial arts, started in 1981 under Sifu Celso Davila training in "Jun Fan kung-fu", well known as Bruce Lee style. It was here with Sifu Davila where his life  start turning completely, in how to view and mix all of this concepts about the different styles of martial arts, and then he continuing the journey. 

    He returned back to Miami in 1987 where he continued training under several other great Masters of the arts..., continuing traing years later earned a black belt in Ju-Jitsu under Dr.Philep Chenique and Grand Master Arturo Morera, forming parts of "Atemi Ryu Certified Tactical Instructor", in which still remains active and currently training.

   Sifu Javier Fernandez  fouder of  "JAF WING CHUN"  with over      40 years in  several  styles  of  martial arts,  has  been a  very  dedicated  student of Wing Chun since the 80's,  lately studing under    Sifu Sam Hing Fai Chan,  He travels to their Training Facility on a very regular basis from his home town to be training with his Sifu.





       The first form taught in the Wing Chun system is Sil Lim Tau, which translates as “little idea” or “small thought”.

All of the principles of Wing Chun are hidden within this extraordinary set. A proper foundation built from the fundamental principles and techniques learned in Sil Lim Tau is necessary before progressing to the other sets taught in the system. Sil Lim Tau teaches proper exertion and release of energy through the arms while striking; triangle stance, the centerline principle, rooting and centering of body weight, and the sixteen major hand techniques. Consistent practice of this form develops Kung Lik (internal energy) and also develop a strong root to prepare for the advance level of training.




 Chum Kiu translates to “searching the bridge”. The second form of the Wing Chun system, it introduces footwork, including kicking, shifting, and stepping. Practice of Chum Kiu develops dynamic balance and body unity by learning how to synchronize both foot and hand techniques. The offensive and defensive use of spinning/shifting is one of the key damentals of this form. The Chum Kiu form introduces various footwork to develop the transportation system to make combat more effective, and to maintain lightning speed without sacrifice the power. The concept of Chum Kiu Form also teaches students to learn how to close the gap during a fight and how to return to safe position. Chi Sau training also introduce in this level.



 This is the famous Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Set. Divided into seven distinct sections, each section focuses on specific techniques and Wing Chun fighting principles, all the time increasing forward energy and economy of motion. The Dummy set as a whole contains virtually every technique in Wing Chun.



 This pole form consists of six and a half individual strikes, with the pole techniques striking very fast and powerful. Every technique strikes directly toward the opponent with no wasted motion. The Lok Dim Boon Gwan utilizes a heavy long pole, typically between 8 1/2 to 9 feet in length, that tapers to a point on one end. But the techniques learned can easily be translated for application with virtually any long weapon, such as a staff or spear, or improvised weapons such as shovels or brooms. The training with the heavy pole used in Wing Chun helps to improve the stability of stances, body movements, thrusting power, and generally strengthens the fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, and body.



  Biu Gee translates as “thrusting fingers” and is the last hand form taught in the Wing Chun system. The old saying – “Biu Gee Bot Chut Moon” – is loosely interpreted as “Biu Gee does not go out the door”. The most important part of Biu Gee training is learning how to focus all of your energy into a single strike. Biu Gee develops devastating striking power by combining singularly focused elbow, finger, and hand strikes with body rotation. A secondary key of Biu Gee practice is to train the hands to return to the center if the centerline is lost or open. Street tactical techniques such as foot sweeps and hidden striking from beneath the bridge (kiu dyk chong choi) are introduced at this level.



The Wing Chun knife form acts as an extension of the hands and utilizes the techniques first learned in the hand forms. Practice of this weapon set develops wrist strength and mobile footwork. This form introduces new body weighting and retreating and advancing footwork. Each move of the knife form cuts, slashes, or stabs directly towards the center of the opponent. There are no blocks in this knife fighting form. Each strike of the knife set includes simultaneous defense and offense. It is said that the knife is designed to cut through any attack.
The techniques, theories, and principles laid out in this advanced form can easily be adapted for any short weapon from sticks, to a kitchen knife, or ven a sword.




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